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Friday, April 4, 2008

First Post & GameStorm 10!

Games, drumming, juggling, home improvements, cooking, comics, dogs, macs, etc. What else do I do / like? it's likely to be talked about here.. I will rant, rave, ramble and hopefully not get in a rut.

My first topic will be GameStorm 10 - I attended Mar 28-30 in Vancouver, WA. For the first time, I dedicated an entire weekend to a gaming con; last weekend. I mean full on; I spent all three days there, not just one random day wondering around the con like a normally do. And, I was there most of the day, 10-12 hours Friday and Saturday, 8 hours Sunday. I decided to host a few games to guarantee certain games got to be played, and so that I had somewhat of a schedule. So what did I do / play? Actually, after running down the list, I played less games than I expected, but 3 of them were 4+ hours, so, I spent a lot of time gaming.

Munchkin Cthulu (
Munchkin card game, probably my 2nd favorite in the genre (Munchkin Fu being first).

Dragon Dice ( - this event I was hosting. We got two 3-player games in, rather than a 6 person game. After that, we ran off for a quick lunch, and I hit the game room looking for something to play, nothing planned.

War of the Ring (
My friend Dave (from a game group I regularly attend) was sitting in the back of the big game room patiently waiting an opponent. I had played it a year or so earlier, liked it, but hadn't felt I had the time to commit required to play it again. So, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to play again. I played Sauron's forces, and Dave managed to detroy the ring. I did take a few military victory points, but didn't always dedicate any hunt die, and lost the ring relatively quickly.

Power Grid - Benelux Expansion (
My friend Todd and I decided to put up a Power Grid game, and see who wanted to play, we got two players (a father and son pair) and played this version. I didn't do so well. After that, I went home - after day 1 of the con.

Panel on game design and life balance. The panel was not real informative, but it was amusing. I was mostly killing time until the Serenty RPG game.

Serenity RPG (
An adventure where I played the first-mate of a Firefly class ship . It was a rescue mission that went badly. But, we ended up saving the boy.

Formula De - Sepang (Circuit #32) (
We had a total of 4 players, 2 cars each, 2 lap race. One guy had to drop out 1/2 way through the 2nd lap. It was a good race.

There was a room playing Rock Band, and I was gonna go in, but we wanted to check out the room party first. I ended up not returning to play Rock Band.

Room Party! I went to a room party with the guys who wrote Never When - a d20 module to cross-over all the d20 Genres. (

Titan! (
This was another of my hosted events. I blocked 4 hours for the game, and we ended up playing 6 1/2 hours. I played with Dave (from War of the Ring) and Travis. 3 Player game, I ended up being eliminated first, but I did have superior growth. They both hit my Titan stack, and weakened it. That's how the game is played.

Anyway, there's my report of my experience at GameStorm. Hope you enjoyed it.