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Friday, August 7, 2009

Hammered Brass Snare

At the end of last year, I started looking for drum lessons to give me a new view. I was always just doing metal / rock drumming and felt there was stuff I was missing. So I found my drum teacher, Don. He's been expanding me into blues, swing and shuffles. I've gotten the feel of acoustic drums again by playing on his kit whenever I took a lesson. That sparked the bug to get my e-drums updated and more realistic. The new eDrums are better, but I still really desired the range of expression you can only get from an acoustic snare drum. Also, I've been learning how to use brushes, and honestly you cannot do that on eDrums. They have brush sounds, but it's still not very good, especially for the constant contact 'rub'.

Don also builds drums, and sells them. Check out his site:
I've also been helping him maintain his web site - his new titanium shell snare is super.

But, I fell for the hammered brass snare he had. I saw it the first or second time I was over there for a lesson. I thought it'd be cool to convert it to an eDrum, but after working with Don for a while, I decided I really wanted a nice acoustic snare. So, here it is: