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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portland Juggling Festival, 2010

The annual festival has come and gone. It was a good weekend. I took a lot of workshops, and did some great progress. Also, it was great to have my friends Marcus and Tim in town for the weekend. The shows were good, and I got to see a few friends at the show.

I took some 3 ball, 4 ball and 5 ball workshops, and a clubs back-cross workshop. I made good progress on my 4 ball tricks, and finally got the 3 ball shower going. 5 balls is still eluding me beyond 6 or 7 catches. I also got my first few successful club back-crosses. I didn't do a lot of passing.

I was a volunteer again, Gym Coordinator and Late Night Czar. We also tried something new this year to try to get more people who wanted to learn in a 'learning corner'.

The Friday Night 'renegade' show was pretty cool some of the acts were:
  • Juggling 2 balls in one hand while making a balloon animal in the other
  • A bit on how Cannibalism will save the environment
  • A juggling act to the song 'Pour some sugar on me'
  • Juggling on a giraffe unicycle
  • 3 ball contact juggling
  • Two person club passing with 3 clubs, lots of switching out and swapping
  • A great street juggler act
There were over 20 bits at the renegade show, and most of them were entertaining.

The public show was great, too. My friends Jamie and Joe showed up, as they have in the past. Whitten showed up with his kids, and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was great to see the kids enjoy themselves so much.

A few of the acts from the public show that I thought were really great:
  • An acrobat / contortionist did a great routine, ending with shooting a bow and arrow with her feet. Accurately.
  • A bounce juggling act combined with beat-boxing.
  • The headliner act, Justin, did 7 clubs, all back-crosses, plus a lot of other great stuff.
Some web resources I found on the web:
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