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Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Groo

During our monthly comic visit to Excalibur comics in Portland, OR - I was walking past a big box, and on the outside it had the words "Groo the Wanderer" on it.  Groo (and Sergio Aragones) is one of my all-time favorites.  I was intrigued and started pawing at the box.  Debbie, the shop owner, was busy but saw me messing with it.  She told me to be patient.  I was still pawing at it, looking to see if it was sealed or whatever.  She came over and opened up the box (which I made sure to keep) to show us the contents.

This is a book printed in the same size as the original art; there are several of these from different artists, and there will be more. Look for an 'Artist's Edition' if you really like a comic or an artist.  I am amazed at the book, and am glad to have gotten it.  I posted pictures so you can see how big it is!

Other IDW Artist Editions

Still in the box, but that thing is huge!

Sample page.