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Monday, February 10, 2014

Savage Worlds - Agents of Oblivion - Bullet Extraction

One of my favorite settings in Savage Worlds is Agents of Oblivion, by Reality Blurs.

Not only have I run several games in this setting, but one specific adventure I have run probably 6 times. When I first got Agents of Oblivion (AoO), I managed to get an adventure called "Bullet Extraction" from the mostly-famous Ed Wetterman. This was the first AoO adventure that I ran, and I still have it in a manilla folder as one of my ready-to-run games that I have been amassing. It took a little editing as it was written for the beta set of the AoO rules, but after that was done, I was ready to roll.

Agents are all members of an organization called Oblivion, hence the name of the setting.
All of the characters have code names, which are all colors.
Agent White: Cell leader
Agent Black: Combat mage and arcane expert
Agent Pink: Close range assault expert
Agent Green: Computer expert
Agent Brown: Infiltration expert
Agent Orange: Information expert

Plot Setup
The mission is a snatch and grab. The target is a briefcase, contents unknown. The location is a bullet train in Japan during a daily run. The organization they are going up against is The Hand of Rasputin and the opposition agents are one known senior agent and an unknown accomplice.

Running the Game
As I mentioned previously, I've run this game a half a dozen times and I am amazed how different the game goes each time.  The neat thing about this game is the timer.  The agents have 30 minutes of time on the train until the mission officially starts.  At that point, the agents have 5 minutes to get the briefcase and get to the top of the train where a helicopter will extract them.  The 5 minute time period is where the timer comes in; each minute of agent time is represented by 15 minutes of real world time and is accounted for with the timer.  This adds an element of urgency to the game session, which I think is fantastic.  The target is in a First Class train car, alone.  The Hand of Rasputin managed to book the entire car for their agent.

The progress of the game is essentially the agents getting through security (a fairly minimal task), scoping out the agent and the little girl with her, boarding the train, and using the 30 minutes to prep for the 5 minute mission.  During this time, the hacker is usually very busy while the rest of the team is planning and doing recon.

The details of the actual mission varies from group to group, but the agents will make their way to the First Class train car and assault the agent and little girl.  At this point, I don't really want to reveal any spoilers, so we'll leave you on the precipice of the mission and call it a day.