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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Savage Worlds - Firefly using High Space 4

Researching a little known planet on the rim...  What could go wrong?

For the introduction, read this posting and read the sessions 2 and 3. I am using the High Space rule set and playing in the FireFly 'Verse.

The crew begins play 12 clicks away from the facility that is suspected ofs producing a new drug. They also suspect that the Alliance will use this new drug to pacify the masses, similar to the Miranda project. Wary of more giant beetles, the crew waits until just after sunset before making their way carefully towards the facility.

A few clicks away from the site, they stop to see what they can see. In a tree and using a sniper rifle scope, Eliot sees the compound with a cleared area around it and also spots some security drones. With the first obstacle identified, they plan their approach.

First, Leng and Steady hack into the security drones and shut off all the visual and audio sensors, but leave them flying to keep away suspicions if anyone is watching them. Next, they manage to hack into the compound's network and through the security cameras, learn the layout of the facility. The crew approaches the locked gate, dispatches the security and the lock, and open it quietly. They spread out to take positions throughout the compound:
  • Lock heads straight to the packaging facility to check out any product that is ready to leave.
  • Skeeter and Saul go to the slave quarters to start the rescue / extraction.
  • Leng makes his way to the Surface-to-Air missile station.
  • Bulldog and Elliot scout out the barracks and take up position to prepare for anyone leaving the building.
  • Steady goes to the fighter ship on the launchpad.
Taking up position for when it hits the fan.
The crew isn't as quiet as they could be, but there is little response. They first person to meet resistance is Steady. As he approaches the ship, a door opens and someone fires at him, barely missing him. The two exchange fire, and the rest of the compound is alerted.
Two pilots start their slap fight over a fighter ship.
Skeeter and Saul starts waking the enslaved colonists and get them grouped for an orderly escape. Leng gets into the SAM building and starts working on the security to take it over and / or disable it. While he's in there, he notices a door that he thinks leads to an underground bunker. It has a more complex lock than any of the others here. Meanwhile, there is activity in the barracks; Bulldog and Elliot prepare for action.
Skeeter and Saul are gathering the slave laborers for an escape.
The battle for the ship is a struggle for both pilots, but Steady wounds the enemy badly. The enemy locks himself in the ship and initiates its launch.  Steady works open the hatch and fires on the pilot, missing badly. The pilot rushes Steady with a bar swinging wildly. Steady and the pilot struggle, with Steady finally knocking out the pilot, yelling victoriously at the unconscious form.
The owner of the ship is heavily wounded.
Two facility workers emerge from the barracks wearing nothing but boxers and protective vests, one from each door. Bulldog snipes off the head of one and Elliot drags the other one out, killing him with a knife. Everyone in the barracks are preparing for action, including the General. The knock out windows and start shooting at the crew invading their facility.
Compound "Employees" barricaded in their barracks, shooting at our heroes.
The firefight escalates. Elliot and Lock try to escape in the two trucks with crates in one of them. The General comes out of the barracks building with a machine gun and shoots the trucks up. Bad. Elliot and Lock hide behind the inoperable trucks. Leng opens the gate on the opposite side of the compound sounding an alarm in his haste. The enslaved colonists make it out of gate while Elliot, Lock, and Bulldog fire on the defenders. Bulldog gets out-flanked and goes down. Elliot shoots, and the General with the big machine gun goes down. A few rounds later, there is a cease fire and the compound offers a surrender. The General and the pilot are not dead, but two of the other  are. The crew awaits for their mule to get there (they sent out messages to the two colonists standing at the ready by the mule) and Steady flies off to get 'The Golden Ducat' using the fighter he commandeered.

While waiting, the crew decides to get some answers to the unending list of questions they've got. They learn the site is not Alliance run, but Alliance protected. The site is getting direct orders from the Blue Sun corporation. The locked bunker is opened and there is incriminating documents contained within. The General is not scared of the Alliance, but is visibly concerned about what Blue Sun is going to do when they learn of this incident. To this end, the ship in orbit has already tried to make contact, getting some very terse and vague answers from Steady.

When the ship and mule both get to the facility, the crew loads up some more crates and all of the colonists. Their first stop will be the colony to return the colonists.

Wrap up
That wraps up this session. Our heroes have definitely put themselves on a radar or three. And they know a little more than they did before. Although, they aren't sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.