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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Savage Worlds - Deadlands

Trying to catch up on my monthly game postings. I've got quite a lot going on, but I am trying to get 'back on the wagon' blog posting-wise.

My monthly game that I run (I use and play at Guardian Games in Portland, OR) and I realized that I had never run Deadlands; Pinnacle's flagship setting. Other GM's had run the setting for this meetup but not myself. My meetup is big enough that I have 2 games available - me and another 'guest' GM.

I upped the standard pre-gens from Pinnacle to 10 XP and added another 2 characters for options. Two of my players had created their own characters. They both made Hucksters: typical. I had 6 players, and once all of the players selected their character, we were ready to start.


The Posse is contacted by the local chapter of "The Agency" to meet at their earliest availability to a local post office for their orders. As independents to the Agency, they are called in to help, but don't have complete obligations. It's not likely they'll refuse the work, however; it is the plot hook.

The Agency's representative fills them in on the goings on. Things are tough down south. Fact is, cowpoke, wagon's ain't been comin' back when they go through the southern Colorado route. Seems likely something is out there that needs takin' care of. Submit a requisition if'n you want some extra equipment, and get goin'... Fast!

Colorado Springs

The trip down was decided to be by train, with the horses being transported with them on a livestock car. I take advantage and do an interlude to get the players one more benny, I think they're going to need it. They also plan a little bit about what to do when they get into town.

The train pulls in and the group starts their plan immediately, if somewhat discordantly. One group talks to the local lawman, and another group goes about finding a wagon figgurin' they'd make them selves out as bait for whatever nasty is out there wreckin' wagons and whatnot.

Questioning the law doesn't get too much, just a rough direction and distance out of town where the latest attack took place.

The Posse finds a waterin' hole to tongue waggle with the locals, but few are talkin' to the strangers. The swinging doors are shoved in loudly and a tall, gaunt man enters the saloon and glances about. He spots the various members of the Posse and approaches one bellied up to the bar, evil in his eyes. He steps up, shouldering the cowpoke in the process. Drinks spill, insults are thrown, cusses called, and the next thing you know, the poor sod from the bar is in the street facin' off with Tall and Gaunt. The town is gathering for the showdown, with interest in their eyes.

Time ticks away, leather is slapped, and lead starts flyin'. Our Posse member is victorious with two quick shots and the man is down, bleeding in the streets. The tension increases as the sky goes dark when a thunderclap and a flash of lightning takes everyone's attention to the sky. When the Posse looks back down, the body of Tall and Gaunt is gone.

Back in the saloon, plans start flyin'; use a wagon for a decoy, search the plains, question some more town folk, wait for another attack to happen, and investigate further on Tall and Gaunt.

The following day, two members go out in the search for a decoy / bait wagon. Several other go pokin' around askin' about the gunman from yesterday. Everyone refers to him as 'The Tax Man'. They have seen him shot down before, and he always comes back. The men he shoots and kills, however, don't come back. When he comes back, he collects a nickel or a penny from everyone in town. No one knows why, and no one bothers to try to stop him.

After some more confirmed stories about the Tax Man, the Posse meets on the edge of town. They mount up, and with the acquired wagon, they head towards the location the Sheriff told them about earlier.

Out on the plains

Traveling for about an hour and the Posse comes across the remains of a wagon. There are no people, bodies or evidence of people left. But hey, Pardner, there are some footprints leading further east, maybe to that there tall mess of rocks. Inspecting the tracks, the Posse counts no less than a dozen separate sets of footprints. And something else, Hoss. Tracks that look like someone, or several someones, was dragged away. Again, probably to the butte in the distance.

Riding towards the rocky hill, the tracks are obvious and easy to follow, it seems impossible that no one else has found this evidence. As the hill gets closer, a cave is spotted. The tracks obviously are going to the cave opening. The cave is closer, and the sun is setting. Torches are lit, bullets are loaded, and preparations made.

The Cave

The cave is dark, damp, and smelly. Smells like rotting bodies, Hoss. Too bad cowboys aren't quiet, maybe they would have surprised them there beasties. Walkin' corpses, it seems, but all different shapes. Good thing the Posse don't scare easily as they manage to work their way through killing the dead. Again.

A few Gaki hear the Posse invading their cave.

More Gaki attacking
Hey there, Cuz, there is another fork in the cave. There might be more troublin' bad news, and guess what? there is. Large creatures made from hundreds of bones with lots of appendages. fighting them is like fighting water, bones break off, and the thing just reforms. Finally, one of the Posse notices a pitch black skull in the middle amid the bony creatures.After a few shots, this black skull is what finally kills the things.

Gaki's are Bone Fiends best friends!
Some time searching results in very little in recovered items, the Posse determines that the Gaki's brought the bodies back here, and the Bone Fiends took advantage of the skeletons. The wagon's goods were likely looted by nearby scuff laws. Another mystery solved, Pardner.