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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Portland Juggling Festival 2008

This last weekend was the Annual Portland Juggling Festival - number 16. Last year was my first ever juggling festival, and this makes two. Yeah, I really get around. Last year I was a volunteer / grunt. I schlepped tables. I moved chairs. This year, I was the volunteer coordinator. Which means I told who to schlep tables and move chairs. Yeah, I was drunk with power, or maybe I just had delusions of grandeur. Either way, it was fun. I took some pictures, too..

My friend Marcus was in town for a visit, and went to the festival with me. Too bad pictures of juggling generally suck, but I tried anyway.. Anyway, here's Marcus trying his hand at bounce juggling.

Random poi swingers...

Bounce juggling.. 5 balls..

Some random folks passing in the gym..

Passing and high up on shoulders!

It was sunny all weekend.. here's someone outside enjoying the weather..

And indoors, it wasn't windy..

The festival Registration desk, with my volunteers. This turned into an impromtu '3 ball Mills Mess' seminar.. niiiiiice..

And what juggling festival would be complete without unicycles? how about tallll unicycles? Passing clubs, even!

Well, there you go. My weekend captured in photos. I could have taken more, but photos of juggling suck. I think I heard that somewhere before.. Besides, I was too busy organizing grunts.. errr.. volunteers, and attending workshops! And as Rhys Thomas says, "jugglers make too much of catching." See you next year!!