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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wayne Brady

This post was delayed (months??? jeeez) due to technical issues of getting the picture to me. Let's just say that Tim isn't as technically superior as he THINKS he is, and leave it at that. (Ask him about his camera battery....)

I had the chance to go see the show Wayne Brady is doing in Vegas while I was there on business. Yes, I was there on business. HP Universe. nya. If you don't know who Wayne Brady is, he's one of the improv guys from "Whose line is it anyway?" Ala the US Drew Carey run, not the original BBC one. Though Ryan Stiles is featured on both.

Now, I am a big fan of the "Whose Line" show, both BBC and the Drew version, and Ryan is my favorite performer on there, seconded by Greg Proops, and third, Wayne Brady. Wayne was the best musical performer of the show, IMNSHO. So I figured I would enjoy the show. Not only did I enjoy the show, the performance was freaking awsome. I laughed so hard I was shedding tears on a regular basis throughout. It's a lot of 'improv' of content, pull people from the audience, and generally have a weird time on stage. The musical numbers at the end are probably the same songs every night, but the content / subject / words are improvised from ideas that audience members submitted before the show, I guess while they were in line waiting or something.

Anyway, it was a partner of some sort of our company that got us free tickets. AAAAND we got to meet Mr. Brady after the show. NEAT! And the picture proves it.

Is it me or do we look like complete opposites? Besides the obvious color differentiation, me kinda pudgy, and since he dances up a fricken' storm on stage - he's in good shape. He's got his head shaved on the sides (or at least it looks really short) and of course my head has the hair missing from the top.. even the beards look a little 'reverse mirror'. doncha think? Maybe it's just me...