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Monday, January 26, 2009

Agricola Animeeples

Agricola! It's fun game. And those who pre-ordered it got little wooden farm animals (known as Animeeples - Meeples are to designate people, animeeples, animals. Geek gamer lexicon.), the rest of us got cubes to represent sheep, boars, and cattle. And now, you can buy them separately. I went and made some out of Sculpey III clay, and went farther than just the animals; I did ALL of the resources in Agricola:
Sheep, Boars, Cattle, Food, Wood, Clay, Stone, Reed, Grain and Vegetable.

We're still thinking about doing farmers...
Here are the pictures:

All the different ones. I kept the quantity the same as what I got in the game, 25 Sheep, 20 Boars, 15 Cattle.

Sheep! I did mostly white, but 5 black made it in the down. Yes, a Down of sheep is a proper collective term. It can also be Flock, Drove, Fold, and / or Hurtle. Checkit! (Yes, you get to learn reading my blogs... sometimes)

The cubes and animeeples boars are black in the game. Who heard of black pigs? Well, they're Boars, but these are much mo betta. IMNSHO. The entire herd is pink.

Cattle! Well, these came out okay, we're not as impressed with the cattle as we are with the pigs and sheep, but they're still loved. Mostly.

Food and Stone. Meran did the plates with the turkey legs and peas. I did the rocks.

Wood and Clay. The wood has some dual tonality to them to simulate wood grain. I give it a 7 out of 10. The clay are cool with the 'stamp mark' fresh from the brickmaker!

Vegetables and Grain. We did two kinds of vegetable, pumpkin and carrot. Because we wanted to. and Grain in sheaves, wrapped and bundled.

Reed and Wood. We already talked about the wood. The reed is used for roofing, so we made it flat and bundled. Kinda odd, but definitely unique!

The whole tile when we baked on the protective coating.

That's it for fun with clay. I know you are on the edge of your seat and can't wait to see them in person. So, let's play Agricola!