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Sunday, January 4, 2009

DTXMania and Youtube

I've been you-tubed.
I didn't do this video, but all the exercises shown in the video I programmed up. He played them all on 'auto' which means the computer is playing the notes, but you can hear what it is supposed to sound like. And he played them all on the FASTEST setting, for time concerns, I am sure. The shuffles don't sound so good at 160 BPM.. Maybe I should take that speed out.. lol.

The program is called DTXMania, and I decided that with the RockBand / Guitar Hero fad going on, there is an opportunity to use this technology for learning, too. So, I started writing basic exercises and rudiments, and put them out there on some drum forums to see what the response would be like. So far, it's pretty limited, but Billkwondo seems to really like them a lot! So, that's something.

I plan to add more stuff as I go along, but here's some links for you: - The YouTube video showing snippets of the exercises. - The DTXMania files of the rudiments shown in the video - Download DTXMania

I think this might be the shortest post by me so far...