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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thieves' World - Roxane

If you are just picking this up, I suggest reading the previous posts first!
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5th of Sperraz, Ilsday
The Group decides to scout out Roxane’s headquarters to gain some ideas on how to best attack her. Gagino and Modig go to Roxane’s building; they approach from the Street of Red Lanterns and circle around to the back. Once the two get close to the building, an overwhelming feeling of discontent rises up their backs, and they hastily retreat from the building. Discussing this with the others, it is decided that Roxane probably has a magical ward around the building to discourage curious people.
Everyone rests until dusk. The Group decides to try to strike at Roxane’s Death Squads before they can even make it into the City. They find a suitable location in a copse of trees that are near a ford in the White Foal River. Their ambush is planned and set up; now they just await the victims. The Group hears the Death Squads approach from the Marsh, cross the river at the ford, and wend south towards the trees the Group is hiding in. The Group hides as best as they can, but Kalima is spotted, and the three approaching death squads attack the Group immediately.
Everyone engages with the Death Squad members, and start exchanging blows. Modig and Kalima fight valiantly, but get overwhelmed and taken down. Malkar and Nick get some wounds but manage to stay up the entire fight. Jack goes into a berserker rage, and manages to take out the bulk of them, and a very few manage to escape. The Group quickly grabs up some of the Death Squad equipment and get Modig and Kalima to the Temple of Sabellia.
On the way to the Temple, Tempus crosses with the Group. They give him a report on the Death Squads. He listens, but doesn’t seem too concerned with the news. The Group continues on to the Temple, grumbling about Tempus’ lack of concern. The Priestesses take very good care of the wounded two, and Modig is feeling much better by the next morning; Kalima will need another day of rest.

6th of Sperraz
Malkar, Jack, Akhir, Kama and Modig meet at Marta’s for breakfast. After a quick breakfast, Kama and Modig head over to where Roxane is, in order to set up some traps. The traps they are using are the explosive traps they have appropriated from the Death Squads they pounded in the fight last night. Carefully, Modig starts setting up some traps; his fingers fumble a bit while setting the first trap and it explodes! Modig gets a blackened face, and a hurt ego. The explosion alerts Roxane, and she looks out the window to investigate. She sees the two running away, and casts a spell on them. They are both engulfed in a column of fire, damaging Modig to the point of unconsciousness. Kama hefts Modig up and heads back to the familiar Temple of Sabellia. Jack meets up with Kama and helps to carry Modig. Malkar picks up on their trail and gets to the temple as well. The group discusses the beginnings of a plan to take care of Roxane, once and for all.

Malkar goes to the Happy Beaver for some rest and relaxation. One of Gastov’s men approaches him and chats him up. Since Jubal is apparently out of business, this guy is recruiting for his own gang of thugs. Malkar tells the guy he’ll think about it, and goes to his room to sleep off the day’s events.
The next morning at Marta’s, Malkar tells Jack about the man in the Happy Beaver recruiting. They discuss some of what might be happening with Jubal gone. Akhir listens in and makes comments over his breakfast.

Gagino goes to the Temple to visit the recovering Kalima; they both leave and meet up with Modig and Kama in the courtyard. They head West to meet up with the rest of the Group. They discuss their plans to attack Roxane, everyone is very optimistic about their chances of defeating the witch. Kama has her reservations about success but she celebrates the night before battle by inviting Jack to her bed.

7th of Sperraz
Akhir loads up the Group with magical enhancements: Fly, Armor, Protection, and Speed spells. The Group is ready to take on Roxane. Kama, Akhir, and Malkar get on a wall near the Palace while Kalima and Jack await for the signal to rush the building from the front door. The attack is set, and the Group awaits Roxane’s appearance.
Roxane gets to the top of her building and summons the nightly Sikkintair using a Summon spell. The Group uses this as their cue to attack from their positions; Kama and Malkar fly in magically, and surprise Roxane with a few attacks. Kalima and Jack burst through the front door and start running through the building, doors opening in the hallway as they run through. Roxane uses a Lightning spell and commands the Sikkintair to defend her. Kama, Malkar, Jack and Kalima pound on Roxane, and they manage to kill her in their swift attack. The Group finishes off the two Soul Sniffers on the roof, along with her two serpentine guardians. As they exit the building, there are more Soul Sniffers on the ground floor that had come out of the doors earlier. These are easily dispatched as well. Kama insists on visiting Tempus for a status update, and then the Group goes to celebrate at Marta’s. Kama and Jack celebrate again by going to Kama’s room at the barracks.

8th of Sperraz
With the witch dead, Kama’s duty is done, and she can’t wait to get the hell out of Sanctuary. She wakes early, but doesn’t disturb the sleeping Jack in her bed, and she prepares to leave town quickly. She makes her goodbyes to her father, Tempus. Tempus presents her with a new horse, and she rides out as the sun is starting to rise. Jack comes out of the Barracks an hour later or so, and makes his way to the usual Marta’s for breakfast. The Group meets up at Marta’s and hopes for some quieter days now that Roxane is gone.