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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sanctuary - Characters

Here's a list of the players and characters. The Green Ronin (GR) books offered an option called 'character clusters' which allows players to have multiple characters. They don't necessarily have to be linked, but I think it is better if they are. The player can choose which character to play, generally for each session or 'scene change'. With multiple characters, this option adds to the retinue of the party.

Crude Jack - Fighter / Barbarian
Jack is a common name, so all who know him call him "Crude Jack", mostly because of his love for the simple pleasures of wine, brawls, and, of course, women. He says what's on his mind, and usually doesn't use the polite words, hence he's fairly crude. Pretty things in dresses and a good fight keep Jack happy, and earned him his nickname.

Gagino La Grave – Merchant
Kalima La Grave – GodSworn of Sebelia.
Our first character cluster, Gagino is the father of Kalima, but in a long-lost way. The first few games had elements of Gagino looking for Kalima. Gagino is a S'Danzo merchant class with a permanent spot in the Bazaar, and is the party's fence. Of a completely different life, Kalima was brought up in the Ranken church of Sabelia, and is thus a GodSworn class (similar to a Cleric). Kalima is part S'Danzo and part Rankene, making an interesting internal conflict.

Malkar – Bounty Hunter
Raised outside of the city, this young man visits Sanctuary on errand runs for his family. Lately, he seems to be in the city more often than not. While at home in the wilderness, the city is its own wilderness, to which Malkar is fast coming to terms with. Tracking your prey in the city relies on verbal trails more than physical ones.

Modig Olvir – Spy/Information Merchant/Thief
A quiet footpad who skulks the streets; listening, watching, plotting and generally up to no good, except he's fallen in with this gang, who seem to be a batch of culls. He's found himself applying his skills to other's benefits, not just his own.

Khira Bloodbane – Witch/Con Artist
Elorin – Rankan Noble’s son
This character cluster is a Romeo and Juliet situation, except without the love. Each get what they want from the other, and it's an amenable situation.
Khira is an entity completely on her own, but uses Elorin for information, baubles, and anything that can get her ahead; perfect for this town of miscreants. Elorin likes Khira for everything she's not: Not noble, not Rankene, not approved by his parents, etc. Elorin is spoiled and selfish. Almost two peas in a pod.

Nickolas – Assassin
A different shade of black, this one is. While the group tends to avoid direct confrontation as a whole, Nikolas seeks it out; as long as he has the upper hand. Dirty work abounds for this one, and he relishes in it.

Brennus - Warlock
New to town and a bookish lad, Brennus is prime pickings for the scourge that roam the streets. With his smarts, he's working in the information trade, although mostly on papers at the scriptorium. Magic is his secret weapon for now..

Next post for Sanctuary will be the first story they went through.. "Murder At The Vulgar Unicorn".