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Friday, May 4, 2012

Hellfrost - Characters

Savage Worlds - Hellfrost
Our group switched to Savage Worlds recently, and Mike took up the DM shield.  We're playing Hellfrost from Triple Ace Games.
These posts are past-due.  I am catching up; these games have been running for over a year now.

  • Leotrek Edricsunu, Leader of men; Saxa Human - Played by Jacob 
  • Magna Kovanen, Herbalist & two weapons master; Finnar Human - Played by Ron 
  • Polaris, Relquae; Finnar Human, Frostborn - Played by Jamie 
  • Runolf Wiglawsunu, Icerigger and handy with a bow; Saxa Human - Played by Joe 
  • Snowfoot, Cleric of Ellenhere (Goddess of Canines); Tiaga Elf - Played by Meran 
  • Urto Valhja, Prynciple of Eir (Air Elementalist);  Finnar Human - Played by James (Yours truly)
We also have a companion, Marigold - Snowfoot's canine friend.