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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New miniatures

I recently went hunting for modern minis for a spy / super agent game I was running at GameStorm. I ended buying a bunch of minis from here.  It's a company called Mega Miniatures, but the website is  Go figure.

The quality is fair, and the prices were cheap. The interesting thing is the guy makes his own molds and casts them in tin.  And he has zero stock, as they are made when you order them. It only took a week for me to get them in the mail.  All in all, I like the minis, and if I see more that I like, I might get some more.  I painted them up and here's how they came out.  I was going for a fast, functional paint job - not my best work, but still better than some people's painting that I've seen.

Hellfrost Minis
The first two miniatures here are ones that Meran and I painted for our Hellfrost game. I painted the Mage (my Elementalist) and she painted her Tiaga Elf.  These are NOT from the Mega Minis site, and I did spend time on mine, and Meran spent a lot of time on hers, even customizing the left  hand to have a bear claw weapon her character acquired in game, and the right to hold a sling.

These are the reason for the purpose of my buy; I wanted agents for my Agents of Oblivion game.

Zombie Killers
I got these along with the order, mundane folks with guns and stuff.  Check out the guy with the Chainsaw!  I painted it orange to match the Stihl chainsaw I purchased for myself last year.

The mini that isn't like the rest - it's a Dwarf and it's made from a plastic-like resin.  We were intrigued by the minis at Gamestorm.  End result?  A decent mini for the price, but it is LIGHT.  I glued a nickel to the bottom so it doesn't get blown over on the table by a heavy breather. 

I got a bunch of soldiers, too.  Figured they were pretty cheap, so what the heck.  I got enough now.  Two different kinds, can you spot the different sets?

I liked this guy enough to show the front and the back of his gun.

Well, that's my post.  I need to get on my Hellfrost log so you can choose to not read those, too.