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Monday, June 7, 2010

New front door

We ordered a new door, and finally got it installed. Our favorite contractor (Jerry) installed it while I was out of town on business. Meran is super pleased with it.
It's an Atruim Entry / Patio Door.

The key is that the side lights open and are screened so we can have airflow without opening the door. We are looking for a working screen door / storm door solution for the door itself, but right now, that's not a priority. And, the entryway to the house is soooo much brighter, since everything is full-light.

The down side, is the size of our opening was such that the door we ended up with is a 32" door, instead of a 36" door. We are planning on ordering another one, and move this door to another spot in the house. In a year or so, we'll see.

Now on to the pictures!

Walking up to the house, some finish work is done, but we still need to paint the porch.

Looking through the plants on the porch.

Closer view.

Inside view. the interior trim work is being painted, then installed. The white is just primer, so we can paint it whatever color we want. and the linoleum is going to be swapped out with some nice slate tile.

That's it. Short post, huh?