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Thursday, June 17, 2010

R.I.P. Colin

Our oldest dog was put down a few weeks back, I wanted to post something with pictures, so we spent time going through old pictures and scanning them. So, here's a memory lane of photos:

A very young Colin.

A very young Colin, probably focused on a toy (tennis ball most likely)

Colin and Daisy.

He loved playing fetch! His rapt attention on the Frisbee..

He was smart always figured it out. The Frisbee was too big for him, but he figured a way to carry it anyway.

And he loved the snow!

Older, more mature Colin.

Of course, with his beloved Tennis Ball.

Treats! Prairie Dog pose.

A trick we taught him - to balance stuff on his muzzle.

What's that boy? Timmy fall down a well?

Waiting for another throw.

TWO Tennis balls nearby!

Colin, Daisy and Grendel on their matching couch.

Colin and Grendel after enjoying the snow.

Colin will be missed.