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Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor Grendel..

Our 2nd oldest dog, Grendel - a Cairn Terrier, recently (Tuesday!) had an abscess on his head. His abscess is healing, but he's sitting in my office looking pitiful, so I thought I'd share. Last year, he had a skin condition that was causing his face to scab up and fall away, and he was left with little to no fur, and raw skin all over his face. We had blood tests done, and they gave him 3 weeks to a month to live, due to liver issues. Well, we cleared all that up by changing foods. Candy is now cooking doggie stew for all our dogs, and all are doing well on the home cooked food. And Grendel? He's 11 months overdue from his 'death date'. We still call him Eeyore, tho.