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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mmmmmmmmm.... Waffles

A few years back, Meran bought me a wonderful new toy / appliance. A Waring Belgian waffle maker. I had been traveling a lot for work and found that my preferred chain of hotels often had a waffle maker and waffle batter in a 'ready to make your own' mode. I got used to it, and I had gotten to really like waffles. So, in comes a new waffle maker and my hunt for the perfect waffle was on. It didn't take long to find it. It's the "Carbon's Golden Malted" waffle mix. And, this is what is present in my favorite breakfast buffet at the hotels, too.. I was happy, I had even found 10 lb bags of it so I (A) wouldn't run out, (B) saved money by buying the mix in bulk. So, I recommend you finding / trying it..

Now, fast forward another year or so, and Meran and I have transferred to a gluten-free (GF) diet. This means no wheat, rye or barley (are the big contenders). This means we now avoid most products we are used to; bread, beer, soy sauce, bisquick, malt vinegar, anything breaded, etc, etc, etc.. So, this means no more malted waffles for me.

And the new quest is to find a good, nay, an excellent gluten-free waffle mix / recipe. I had tried a few with poor results, until this weekend. I used an off-the-shelf product , which these were varying in results, but we've tried this brand before and were generally pleased with the other products. Kinnikinnick - tough name, but good GF products. Others we have tried are Arrowroot, Bob's Red Mill, and some I forgot. Some were good, some were awful, and some didn't even make a good waffle at all -- they were wet and didn't 'bake'.. ruddy mess... I should have noted the BAD brands, but I wasn't blogging then, so you'll have to just avoid them by using this one. The picture is one of the actual waffles I made - and ate!
And that is my waffle post.