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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Portland Arctic Blast 08 - part duex

Meran decided to try out her cross-country skiis.. More pics of Arctic Blast '08 -- as the area news stations have dubbed it. I wonder if we'll get Shell Shock from the blast? Sorry, how non-PC of me. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Or is it Battle Fatigue? (okay, I'm done w/ my mini-tribute to George Carlin; R.I.P.)

First, a shot of our deck / hot tub from Saturday / Sunday ish
And, today:

Now for pics from Meran on the skiiiiiis.

Legwarmers.. how.. umm... 80's.
And some pics she took:

My truck! I don't want to dig it out. So I am not. I am staying home.
more carport.. err.. outside storage area destruction pics:

And, see how the doggies like it...

Okay, that's it. Really. Maybe.