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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PS3 and Cookie Fu!

I got my new PS3 today. I decided to utilize my travel points for something since we usually don't go anywhere, so I decided to make my home more vacation friendly with a new PlayStation 3 gaming console. And well, Marriott points can buy me stuff, so I look for what I want. I order the PS3 and it takes like 4 weeks to get to me. The whole time, there is a confusion in my order, one page says I got the 60 GB version, and one page says I got the 80 GB version. The newer one is the 80 GB version, and of course has the larger hard drive, so I'd prefer that one. The 60 GB version has the emulation chip for backwards compatibility for PS2 and PS1 game, so that wouldn't be too bad either. Turns out, the new PS3's still have compatibility, but it is software run, not a chip. So, I guess, less games are compatible. You can check out compatibility here. Anyway, I'm not overly concerned about compatibility, and back to the story, which was I going to get? the 60GB version on the order page? or the 80GB version that that my receipt shows? I'm leaning towards the 80GB version because it's what my receipt shows.. Plus, that's the one I want.

Delivery! I was trying to track it with a FedEx number Marriott customer support gave me, and it's not in the system - so I cannot track it via innurnet. So, I call FedEx, and they track the package using my address AND they WON'T give me the correct tracking number. so, I have to call to get any status on it's route.. how fricken' 80's. phones, people, dialing, talking.. sheesh. So, I call on the day it is supposed to be delivered, and ask to track it. And the lady says 'If it's supposed to be delivered today, it will be, we're working double hard to get it to you.'

It didn't get here.

So, I call the NEXT day (today) and get another dude who is more than happy to provide the service he's supposed to (unlike the ms. it-will-get-there-I-promise lady) and he tells me it's on a truck, and en-route.


About 2 hours later, I see the FedEx truck struggling to turn around in our driveway, and I go out to meet my package. Bliss. It's here!

Now for the unveiling.. will I get the 60GB or the 80GB version? Drumroll, please...

The 160GB uncharted limited edition! Wow! What a surprise!

All unpacked.. I had a running joke with a friend of mine. The deal was the PS3 was supposed to have a random bundled game and two controllers. I was always joking I would get Madden '08 or something - I hate sports games. Well, I got the Uncharted game as part of the bundle, and All-Pro Football 2k8. So, I was sorta right, I got a crap sports game. Oh well, I can trade it in for a game I really want... Like Guitar Hero 4!

Cookie Fu! This is a dice game introduced to me by my friend Dennis. We co-founded the Stumptown Bone Rollers Guild on It was mostly for Dragon Dice, but we play other dice games, too. Anyway, for $12 (with shipping) I got this haul of dice:

Games good! Now I just need someone to come over and play.