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Friday, December 12, 2008

Recent gaming activity

Just thought it was time to chime in and put up a post, it's been a while. First of all, board games!
I played two new ones this week Dominion and Le Havre, and am looking forward to potentially playing an old one I haven't played in over a decade - BlackBeard!

Dominion is a card game that is pretty unique, each game uses 6 common decks. 3 are money, 3 are victory points. The other decks are 10 decks selected from 25 or so in the game. Each game has the potential to be different. during the game, each player has a deck of cards, you start with 10, 7 money and 3 VP cards. you deal 5 cards from your deck, and take one action and one buy. You buy cards that give you additional actions, and / or buys. It's pretty clever, and pretty easy, too. The first few hands are a learning curve, but by the time you are ready to play a second time, it should be well understood how to play. I recommend it as a light game to end the night with or for filler while waiting for a game to commence.

Le Havre, made by the same game designer who did Agricola. Three of us played it, and two of us were new to it, one of us had played a five player game of it before. It's a tight resource management game that has a lot of similarities to Agricola, but a different feel. You only get one action per turn, in which you can either take resources or take an action like building a building or utilizing a building. It's got a lock feature where only one person can utilize a building, and it can't be used by anyone else until the marker is moved, but we found this wasn't too limiting, there were always a lot of choices. It seemed to always be a struggle to keep your people fed, that is until you figured out a good food generation strategy. Ships definitely help to the regard. A fun game, and a pretty good thinker, too. Definitely want to be awake for this game when it comes to the table.

Also, for some interesting games I have found on the 'net via various sources:
Fantastic Contraption - a really neat game that takes some thinking!

Play Auditorium - interesting, thinking and soothing.

That's it for me, see you around the game table. Comment and tell me what games you've been playing lately!!