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Monday, December 22, 2008

Portland Artic Blast 08

Portland is getting snow. A LOT of snow. I know. I come from Colorado, where we got 4 foot snow storms every few years, and this is not that bad.. but for the PDX area, 18-24" is a lot of snow. And, we got our first casualty - the carport that is on the side of the house that we use for 'out-of-rain' storage of bikes, wood, mower, etc. It's annoying, to say the least.. Here are the photos:

From the back of the house, by the shed, it fell from the outside towards the house. It looks like minimal damage, but man is this going to be annoying.

My bike was not flipped. Now it is.. I wonder what got messed up. My riding mower was missed, yay!

View from the front side of the house.. fortunately, everything is mostly under the sides, not the middle. Anything in the middle would have gotten squashed.

My little red wagon looks sad. I might need to rescue it first.

Most of the support beams are okay, one got pulled out.. still, pretty minimal.. I shudder to think what COULD have happened..
Meran says "Whoever wished for a white Christmas, you got it. Stop wishing!"

There you go. Arctic Blast, 2008. Sheesh, and I thought all the rain sucked.